The digital partner you'd trust your newborn with.

Jaden's passion for technology and the digital space began in 2012.

Since opening shop in 2012, Jaden has collaborated with world-class brands across the entertainment industry and countless others.

From a founding team of three, we've matured into a boutique and multi-disciplined team of digital, creative and technology specialists.

Yes, we introduced Jimmy Barnes to Facebook and sold out Guy Sebastian’s tour, but our work isn’t just in music.

We’ve built an app for Vegemite, orchestrated a world-first campaign for Twitter, and developed our very own web-based proposal system called pxmo.

One of our favourite moments was throwing a massive Block Party for Coors Australia to celebrate their global partnership with the NBA.

We also a caused wave of #FOMO on Instagram by live-streaming influencers trying a Carl’s Jr. burger on the eve of their first Australian store opening.

We navigate each campaign using creative storytelling through content marketing to build meaningful, real-world relationships with your platinum-selling artist, global touring act or forward-thinking brand.

Now that we’ve shared our story with you, we’re excited to share yours with the world. We're ready when you are.

01 Our Brands

We walk the talk, and have built a few brands of our own

A proposal management solution built to supercharge your sales funnel, and an event marketing solution built to cover every part of your promotion funnel.

Speed up your proposal creation process while delivering high-quality, interactive proposals to prospects. The platform enables rapid creation, compelling interactive design, intelligent delivery, and collaborative management of your proposals.

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Make more noise, sell more tickets. JadenLIVE specialises in strategy, planning, creative and execution of integrated event and tour marketing campaigns for music, festivals, theatre, comedy and more. Planning your event is hard enough. Simplify your marketing with one team.

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02 Our Clients

We partner with world-class brands to do inspiring work

We've built rock solid partnerships with some world-class brands. We've also delivered real business results for them, through innovative digital work that moves the needle.

We also support some amazing artists

Music is in our DNA. We’re honoured to have helped indie acts discover commercial success, and platinum-selling artists achieve ARIA #1 records.
Jimmy BarnesSheppardPanic! At The DiscoHuman NatureCherMichael BubléMarcia HinesTimmy TrumpetThundamentalsJohn FarnhamGuy Sebastian
Human NatureCherMichael BubléMarcia HinesTimmy TrumpetThundamentalsJohn FarnhamGuy SebastianJimmy BarnesSheppardPanic! At The Disco
Timmy TrumpetThundamentalsJohn FarnhamGuy SebastianJimmy BarnesSheppardPanic! At The DiscoHuman NatureCherMichael BubléMarcia Hines
03 Our Approach

We apply our tried-and-tested framework to all campaigns.

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of a digital campaign. It’s the nuts and bolts behind why we post what we post, why we target who we target, and why storytelling is so powerful when building an audience for your brand. We ask important questions that will form the basis for your digital strategy.
First things first - research. We unpack your brand and find out what makes your audience tick; identifying undiscovered opportunities to grow your digital community and get them more connected with your brand.
Using the learnings from the discovery phase, we formulate digital objectives that align with your business goals and budget; whether social growth & engagement, website traffic, lead gen, e-commerce & sales, or on-to-offline actions.
Next, a tailor-made digital strategy, built to capture attention and drive action among your audience. We pair this brand blueprint with clear & concise KPIs, in order to measure the success of the strategy and the effectiveness of every dollar you spend.
Time for action. We get busy on campaign rollouts and community activation, creating a flawless digital experience for fans in every interaction. Real-time data analysis enables intelligent decision-making on the fly, as we check off each of your brand's goals.