Dream Team / 11 Mar 2019

#DREAMTEAM: Elle Thompson, Account Manager


She’s the definition of a people person, passionate about all things events and has eaten more avocado this week than most would eat in a lifetime. 

Meet Elle, our resident events and ticketing expert, and the Account Manager that you need behind your next ticketing campaign.

Having worked every role in the industry, from ticket scanner to usher, Elle has gotten her hands dirty and worked events from the ground up. She grew to thrive off the excitement of ticket on-sales and the rush of gates-open, giving her a unique perspective into what makes a good event great and kickstarting an event obsession.

Elle hit the ground running as she launched her career with TEG’s Ticketek and Eventopia, uncovering a passion for marketing and an understanding of what it is that gets people putting their money where their mouth is. Taking a leap to the agency side, Elle joined the Campus Group team as Account Manager for STA Travel bringing key youth insight as they expanded their brand to a millennial audience.

Ultimately it’s a love of events that gets Elle’s heart racing, leading her to take on the role of Marketing Manager at Ticketbooth and its subsidiaries, Audiencetools and Token RFID. Pioneering Ticketbooth’s own marketing offering for clients, as well as managing complete marketing strategies for major events like Sensation Australia, Vanfest and Origin NYE; it’s clear there’s no event that Elle can’t get behind and sell out.

When she’s not crafting campaign strategies or hitting ‘interested’ on every event that pops up on her newsfeed, you can find Elle brunching on Sydney’s lower north shore and getting the gram of your dreams or looking for pomeranians in need of a home.

She’s even selected 11 songs to make you feel good so you’ll be in the best mood possible ahead of Elle’s killer pitch for your next campaign. 

What’s your biggest claim to fame?

Blake Lively’s brother follows me on Instagram after I met him on a chairlift in Utah. Obviously impressed by my fabulous skiing ability and quick Aussie wit.

If you could have a celebrity as an imaginary friend, who would it be?

Ok wow this is hard… Tina Fey or Margot Robbie, or even better if I can have both so that I can just sit back in awe as they interact with one another.

What would your autobiography be called?

Avocad-hoe. ‘Yes I know guac is extra, but so am I’

What are you most passionate about (besides all things digital)?

Events! I just love either organising or attending things where everyone is in a similar frame of mind and sharing the same purpose – whether than be to see their fave band play, celebrate good food/wine or do something crazy like running with a couple of bulls (highly recommend Pamplona in July if you haven’t been). Oh, also really passionate about dogs but we won’t go into that one….

What is your usual Saturday morning routine?

I have been #blessed with the ability to have massive nights and never suffer a hangover the next morning so regardless of what I did, and what time I got home on a Friday night, my Saturday morning usually consists of getting shit done, going for breakfast and then getting ready to go out again at night.

You’re allowed to have three wishes granted. What are they?

I know I should choose world peace or something but gonna be selfish and say:

  1. That I could understand what my dog was thinking / my dog could speak
  2. An auto-replenishing supply of avocados that don’t go from perfectly ripe to brown within the blink of an eye
  3. The ability to be in two places at once so that I don’t have to choose between multiple social occasions every Saturday night

Is the earth flat?


What fad or trend do you hope will come back?

As a girl with naturally Carrie Bradshaw-esque hair, I would kill for 90s curls to come back in fashion purely to make my life easier in the morning.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Law and Order SVU repeats – you will often hear me state ‘oh, this one again’ within the first 5 minutes of an episode.

Do your socks usually match?

Yes – can I please speak to someone who’s socks don’t normally match to find out why? How hard is it to put 2 in the wash and then pair them again when they come out???

What’s your hidden talent?

Being able to feel the presence of a Pomeranian within a 1km radius

What advice would you give your 18 year old self?

‘You’re doing amazing sweetie’

What TV channel doesn’t exist but should?

You know those ~illegal~ web streaming sites that we all use to watch US TV shows as soon as they’re released? Yeah lets take one of those and make it a legit channel so that we can skip the need for VPNs and weird pop-up ads.

What do you choose in the chocolate aisle?

I literally only choose Cadbury Crunchie, but like the block of Dairy Milk with bits of Crunchie, not an actual Crunchie bar. May or may not have thrown a tantrum one time when the cravings were real and Woolies had run out… 

If you weren’t living in Australia where would you live?

Canada – for the skiing, poutine and fact that their prime minister is good looking AF

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