Dream Team / 6 Jun 2018

#DREAMTEAM: Meg Wardrop, Account Executive


As Jaden Digital’s resident digital native, Meg (not Megan) was pretty much born with a smartphone in her hand and it shows in her wealth of experience within the online world.

Following her graduation from the highly specialised Marketing and Media degree at Macquarie University, Meg managed to rack up an impressive list of credits including social media collaborating for the likes of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Shopbop, Mac Cosmetics, Clinique, Uniqlo, T2 Tea, OPI Australia and Shona Joy.

Becoming Marketing and Media Manager at Sydney’s Kent and Lime and ARCHFASHION at the ripe old age of 20, Meg has used her time in the industry to finely hone her skills in PR, marketing, e-commerce, social media and pretty much everything else related to getting an idea in front of an audience.

After spending a year freelancing and collaborating with brands for Instagram campaigns, Meg landed at Jaden Digital and she’s been thriving ever since. As the team’s gun account executive, Meg manages client content strategies, plans and directs photoshoots, prepares monthly and WIP reporting and above all, champions the brand tone and feel for our clients across the board.

Tenacity is Meg’s middle name and she won’t stop until her goals are reached. A role model to all young people that aspire to get their foot in the digital marketing door, Meg walked through that door a long time ago and she hasn’t looked back since.

If you like the sound of Meg, you may just like her self-compiled playlist, which according to her, is 11 songs to put on when:

  1. You don’t think you like your outfit or your hair, or anything else for that matter
  2. You’ve already had 3-5 adult tantrums about how you’re NOT going. Everyone will have to go on without you. You’re going back to bed where you live now.

This playlist is for those times, to remind you that of course you’re going out, you always were. And you’ll have a great time, you absolute pain in the neck. Pull yourself together. And stop being so damn dramatic.

Now, over to you Meg. 

George // Are you a night owl or early bird, and what do you love about being the one you are?

I think I have some kind of bird personality disorder; I’m a night owl who is always trying to be a morning person (and failing constantly!) I suppose I love that creative ideas come to me at night (I just wish it weren’t at 11pm).

Zanda // If you could invite 4 celebrities to dinner, who would you invite and what meal would you share?

Tough call. Probably Matthew Murphy from The Wombats, Kendall Jenner, Christina Applegate (as her 2001 self) and Eckhart Tolle. We’d have Mexican (with extra guac for all… none of this $3 extra business).

Brynn // I’ve just signed up for Netflix. What do I watch first?

BLACK FISH (not sure it’s on Netflix any more to be honest… And whilst I don’t usually endorse illegally downloading…) Also, Stranger Things (shocker). Definitely not a show called Age-Gap Love (big mistake).

Pete // You’ve been given return flights to anywhere in the world – where do you go and why?

Greece. For that sweet sweet Euro tan.

Hamish // What would your autobiography be called?

Just Meg.

Tom // Describe your life using Instagram filter names?

I could probably just tell you my Instagram editing game it would be much the same; shoot on a camera (I’m all about quality > quantity in life). Apply VSCO A6 (a 90’s vibe). Decrease the temp (because I am cool… derrr). Add a little sharpness (for my quick-wit). And voila! Does that answer your question?

Stella // What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Despacito. Still working on the Spanish.

Samantha // What’s one thing you’ve changed your mind about in the last 12 months?

The path I’m taking to get to my dreams. Sometimes, when the door doesn’t open, you need to go around the back entrance.

Joel // What’s one thing you wish people would ask you about?

I wish people in general would ask each other more often how they are feeling. Checking your head with the people you care about is really important.

Jake // What’s one thing you wish people would stop asking you about?

‘How do I get Instagram followers’

Adriana // What is your usual Saturday morning routine?

NOTE: I read this question incorrectly and thought it said ‘night’ routine, so I’m rewriting the rules on this one – One weekend its a few wines deep singing aforementioned karaoke tune, others it’s spent reading books in bed or watching documentaries with a tea in hand. I’m an all or nothing kind of Saturday-er.

Brian // Which superhero would you want to be?

I feel like there aren’t enough girl-boss world-changing female superheroes that speak to me. Can I be Mulan instead?

Cristian // If you were footwear, what type would you be and why?

Probably a pair of Chloe Susanna boots. In good taste, but timeless and comfortable. Plus, they go with everything.

Aidan // What TV show doesn’t exist but should?

They all exist. Its 2018 people. Haven’t you seen Confessions: Animal Hoarding?

Elia // Are you a cat or a dog person and why?

Neither! I am the proud mother of a sweet fluffy bunny with a bit of an attitude problem. He probably got that from his father.

Robbie // What’s your best and worst purchase of all time?

Best, my car. I don’t think I’d have friends if I didn’t drive. Worst, my car. What an absolute money pit.

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