Blog / 27 Sep 2018

#Newsfeed: Facebook adds a new way for pages to engage and Instagram tests out a new home for hashtags


Plus Google changes up its image search feature.

Facebook Allows Pages To Join The Party

This latest update allows Pages to get amongst it and join Groups as members, creating a new way to engage with your social community. Read more…

Instagram Hashtags Could Be About To Find A New Home

This could (finally) be the end of the caption or first comment debate, as Instagram tests out the option to include hashtags as part of a post. Read more…

Spotify Opens The Floodgates To A Whole Load Of Indie Music

Artists will now be able to upload their music directly to Spotify, without having to go through a label. Read more…

Google Hops On The Story Train To Enhance Its Visual Search Experience

Visual search results will now include video previews and feature stories to get users engaged. Read more…

Instagram Co-Founders Vacate The Social Throne

The  dynamic duo behind the social platform taking over the world have resigned, creating two very lucrative job openings. Read more…

Twitter Updates Its Policy In Order To Try and Get People To Just Be Nice

New rules have been introduced to prevent people from being nasty on Twitter, even when they’re not targeting anyone specific. Read more…

Advertising Inspiration To Get Your Creative Brain Ticking

Five innovative approaches brands took this week, that might just inspire your next big idea. Read more…

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