Features / 6 Aug 2018

How to use Influencer Marketing in 4 simple steps


Welcome to the world of Influencer Marketing – the organic fit in your overall marketing strategy.

As Superorganism said, ‘everybody wants to be famous’. Whilst we all can’t actually achieve this, let’s do the next best thing and become besties with someone who is.

Part 1: What is Influencer Marketing?

Whilst Influencer Marketing feels like it’s only been around for the past 35 minutes, it has actually been around long before social media. Every circle has long had the one friend who leads the pack. The friend who organises get-togethers, introduces the latest trends, and is closely admired. It doesn’t matter the group – they will always be looked at closely.

In the same way, social media has created the new breed of influencer. As users, an influence to us may be our best friend, a well-known local, or a celebrity. If we are following their every move, they can influence us.

Part 2: What is the value of Influencer Marketing?

Whilst every industry has their own appropriate influencers, some work better than others. But if you find an influencer that connects with your audience, they will be ‘always on’. The most valuable billboard you can buy is a human being.

Marketing is moving away from being brand focussed, and instead to being relationship led. Influencers are there to add a human touch to your brand. In times of growth and crisis, a trusted face can make a big difference.

Influencers often work well with visual industries such as health and fitness, food, automotive, travel, fashion, and technology. It is traditionally cheaper than product placement and celebrity endorsements, and you are targeting incredibly hot leads – people who are already engaged.

Influencer Marketing is also most commonly used not for just driving awareness, but for increasing sales. Whilst brands don’t usually have access to an influencer’s analytics, the use of affiliate codes and unique links can allow you to see your return on investment.

Part 3: What does Influencer Marketing look like?

Influencer Marketing takes a number of different forms, but most commonly comes through tagging brands in lifestyle-type posts through captions, photos, and stories.

However, posts can also highlight lavish trips, event sponsorships, brand ambassadorships, in-store experiences, through comedic video, and with a change in art direction.

Part 4: How can your brand begin using Influencer Marketing?

Getting in touch with influencers can be a tricky beast. Whilst some respond to a simple private message, others conduct their deals through agents and agencies. That’s why it is always the best bet to use an agency that is skilled in the matter, such as Jaden Digital.

Influencer Marketing can be arranged through an agency either through individual posts, or as part of a package combined with sponsored YouTube videos and paid digital advertising. It’s also important that your brand speaks the same language as an Influencer, highlighting why your brand can bring value to their audience.

Finally, it’s also important you are connected to the right influencer at the right price for your marketing goals. Having a team that knows the ins and outs of the Influencer-brand relationship can make a huge difference.

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