Blog / 17 Aug 2018

#Newsfeed: Huge changes made to Facebook pages, Google is coming to a street near you, and YouTube splashes the cash.


Plus inside the ever-changing world of marketing tours.

Facebook rolls out new page features

Facebook has announced a major swathe of new features dedicated to local business pages on their platform, including adding recommendations, suggested tags, and action buttons. Read more…

Google: coming to a street near you

Google is eyeing up out-of-home billboard advertising within Germany in a move to utilise its programmatic ad technology. Read more…

Getting to know Account Director for JadenLIVE: Samantha Leighton

With a love for TV series ‘Mad Men’, an eclectic mix of music that changed her life and over two decades of experience under her belt in the industry, Samantha Leighton is a force to be reckoned with. Read more…

YouTube first – how the video platform is looking to secure talent

With alternative video streaming platforms on the rise, reports have emerged that YouTube is offering popular creators on its platform upfront deals to remain with the platform. As part of this, creators would also utilise and promote the service’s features. Read more…


Inside the ever-changing world of marketing tours

The Music Network sat down with those behind the touring industry to discover how management and marketing are adapting to create a new generation of touring. Read more…

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Welcome to our 90’s awards night: Everything you missed from ‘The Jadens’

We wound back the clock last Friday to the naughty ’90s for our quarterly awards night, The Jadens. Catch up on all the action with us right here. Read more…

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