Blog / 20 Sep 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram expands with shopping in stories and Apple takes your side in the Facebook privacy battle


Plus Twitter gives you back the power of your newsfeed.

The Instagram Juggernaut Continues To Expand With Its New Stories Shopping Feature

The instagram story is slowly taking over as shopping becomes a prevalent part of your social experience. Read more…

Apple’s Got Your Back When It Comes To Facebook Tracking

In an effort to preserve what’s left of your privacy, Apple is taking on Facebook to prevent the social network monitoring your moves across the internet. Read more…

Everything You Need To Know About iOS12

You can’t have missed Apple’s latest launch, here’s the lowdown on iOS12, coming to an iPhone near you. Read more…

Snapchat Partners Up To Introduce ‘Our Stories’

Snapchat has partnered up with media companies to allow them to publish their stories along side user generated content, hoping to boost engagement with their millennial audience. Read more…

Facebook Rebrands Canvas To Give You An Instant Experience

The immersive Canvas ad format has had a makeover to give your business a new way to interact with your audience. Read more…

Twitter Gives You Back The Power Over Your Newsfeed

You’ll soon be able to decide if you want to view your tweets in real time, or via their algorithmically sorted timeline. Read more…

Case Study

JadenLIVE Helped Guy Sebastian Take Over On His Regional Run

We worked with homegrown hero, Guy Sebastian, to achieve a solid 95% capacity including 20 sold out shows on his recent regional tour. Read more…

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