Blog / 13 Sep 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram set to introduce video tagging and Facebook recruits artificial intelligence for memes


Plus Twitter introduces the audio only broadcast.

Instagram Set to Introduce Video Tagging



Profile tagging in video could soon be available as a new way for you to share content and increase engagement. Read more…

Apple Vs Spotify – Who’s On Top

Whilst Spotify is miles ahead in terms of paid subscribers, Apple Music has now taken the lead in the US market. Read more…

The Future of the Australian Music Industry Is In Your Hands

The Australian government is calling a parliamentary committee to assess the future of our music industry, and they want to hear from you. Read more…

Could We Be Twice Blessed With A Watch The Throne 2?

He outright said it would never happen, but Kanye has now low key announced a sequel to the iconic 2011 collaboration. Read more…


The Who’s Who of Australian Radio in 2018

Radio Today’s biggest list yet, here’s the low down on the people shaping the Australian radio industry. Read more…

Facebook Recruits Artificial Intelligence to Make Sense of Memes

“Rosetta” has been developed to help Facebook interpret the large volume of memes that dominate your newsfeed. Read more…

Twitter Introduces the Audio Only Broadcast

An alternative to the traditional video live stream, you can now broadcast audio only on the Twitter app and Periscope. Read more…

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