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#Newsfeed: Facebook announces free version of Workplace; The world record for retweets could be broken over some free chicken nuggets; Jay Z’s catalogue has been pulled from Apple Music and Spotify



Plus why Facebook’s $1 billion Instagram acquisition is still such a great deal five years on.



Facebook has announced a new, free version of the Workplace spin-off that it launched last October. The free version will be called “Workplace Standard” – with the paid version to be referred to as “Workplace Premium” – and will be aimed at smaller organisations who may want to utilise the functionality of Workplace but don’t have the budget for a full deployment.

Read more about the features of Facebook Workplace here.


What a time to be alive! Twitter’s record for the most number of retweets for a single piece of content could soon be broken, when one keen Wendy’s fan asked the fast food chain how many retweets he would need to earn a free year’s supply of chicken nuggets.

See how this story is unfolding here.


It’s been exactly five years since Facebook announced one of the best business acquisitions in the history of Silicon Valley: The US$1 billion purchase of a photo-sharing app called Instagram. At the time of the acquisition, Instagram had just 30 million users and zero revenue, but today the platform has more than 600 million users and is one the way to being a multi-billion dollar ad business (if it’s not already).

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He’s got 99 problems, but music streaming ain’t one. Jay Z’s extensive catalogue of solo music has been pulled from Apple Music and Spotify. In a statement to The Verge, Spotify said the removal of some of Jay Z’s catalogue was done “at the request of the artist.” The only Jay Z music available on the platforms are features and his projects with R. Kelly and Linkin Park.

Learn more about what this means here.


Snap Inc. has announced a couple of new ad options for Snapchat to help tap into user interests. Advertisers will now be able to re-target users who’ve previously engaged with their other on-platform ad content, as well as having the ability to exclude audience members who has responded to ads from subsequent campaigns, in order to avoid potential fatigue.

Read more of the details here.



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