Blog / 11 Jul 2018

#Newsfeed: Ask Instagram anything, and own the world with Snapchat


Plus Facebook to launch Story highlights.

Ask Instagram anything ☝️

Instagram yesterday began rolling out question stickers on stories. The new feature allows users to invite fans to ask questions. Answers are provided privately, however, can be re-shared on subsequent stories. This follows a wave of new features that Instagram’s rolled out this year. Read more…

Facebook to launch Story Highlights

In a move following its sub-company, Facebook is working on story highlights as part of its Stories platform. Whether this can boost uptake in the failing format for the social giant remains to be seen. Read more…

Own the world with Snapchat

Snapchat is working on technology to allow users to scan real-world products, and shop for them on their phone. This follows a patent filed by the camera company, whilst a potential collaboration with Amazon is also rumoured. Read more…

OPINION: Could Facebook become a nonprofit?

In a game-changing move could Facebook show it’s not about using our data by becoming a nonprofit? Bloomberg investigates further. Read more…


Instagram’s Latest Updates for 2018

Instagram has made a lot of changes this year. Stay in the loop with our rolling coverage of Instagram updates. Read more…

What’s New

MAKEMYPLAYLIST looks to mobilise fans on streaming platforms

MMP is an artist-driven online activation tool that incentivises and enables fans to create Spotify playlists using one or more songs from an artist’s catalogue (new releases and/or other). Read more…

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