Blog / 14 Aug 2017

#Newsfeed: Facebook tests ‘Store Visits’ ad audience; How one Instagram account made influencer money posting free stock photos; Kendrick Lamar’s returns to #1 with second-lowest sales in Billboard history



Plus 16 reasons why music startups fail.


Facebook’s testing a new Custom Audiences option which would enable businesses to target ads at people who’ve visited their store, with a new ‘Store Visits’ option appearing for some advertisers. The option would enable advertisers to ‘create a list of people who’ve previously visited your business location’. How, exactly, Facebook would compile this list would likely come down to matching store visitors with Location Services switched on against in store Wi-Fi signals, enabling them to estimate location.

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A group of Twitter users will be indicted in Saudi Arabia on charges of harming public order for threatening the “safety and moderate ideology of society” through extremism, according to a statement on state news agency SPA. Saudi Arabia has stepped up efforts to muffle political dissent in recent years, using tough new cybercrime laws to sentence offenders to prison terms for online posts deemed insulting to rulers or threatening to public order.

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Amanda Smith, known on Instagram as @wanderingggirl, has 31,000 followers. She’s posted a little over 40 times, sharing photos of her travels to beautiful locations around the world — kayaking in clear blue waters, peering out over the city of Paris, gazing onto the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. But Amanda has a secret. She doesn’t really exist – instead, the @wanderingggirl account was part of a months-long experiment by marketing firm Mediakix.

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Thirteen weeks after Kendrick Lamar last topped the Billboard 200, the star has returned to Number One with Damn. The album finished first with sales of 47,000 copies total, the second-lowest haul ever for a Number One album on the Billboard 200. Only The Descendants soundtrack, with 42,000 copies in August 2015, sold less and topped the charts, Billboard reports.

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JADEN JAM: This giant puzzle of a CMYK gradient may be the hardest we’ve ever seen.

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