Blog / 24 Aug 2017

#Newsfeed: Facebook now lets you take 360 photos in-app; How emoji use on Twitter reflects a shift in perception of Taylor Swift; Why ‘Link in Bio’ keeps Instagram nice



Plus how Jaden Digital played ball with Coors Australia.


Gone are the days of requiring a fancy camera or a computer science degree to figure out how to use 360 photos on Facebook, with the social media platform now allowing the capturing of footage within the app, as well as the additional ability to now use them as cover photos. The 360 photo capability is rolling out across both iOS and Android starting today, and includes the ability to zoom and tag friends.

Read more about this new feature here.


Read more about Twitter’s reaction to Taylor Swift here.


One writer at The Atlantic is suggesting that Instagram’s failure to evolve in terms of allowing links with posts is part of the appeal of the platform in today’s society. “By refusing to allow hyperlinks, it has maintained a distinct space on the internet,” Alexis C. Madrigal writes. “Twitter and Facebook expanded to become a messy, permeable front end for the whole of the web (even as they try to claw ever more video minutes/ads into their players)”.

Read his opinion piece in full here.


We live for digital here at Jaden Digital, but music is what inspires us. So when a newly-formed partnership with the NBA inspired Coors to host an event celebrating everything basketball and urban street culture, they reached out to us to help pull it all together. Spit Syndicate, Jackie Onassis, One Day DJs, Halfway Crooks, FlexMami, and the ZANEROBE DJs were all part of the line-up, which also saw 5,000 views and hundreds of uses of a custom Snapchat filter geo-locked to the event location.

Read more all about the event here.



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