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#Newsfeed: New study finds Facebook Page reach has declined 20% in 2017; Man banned from Twitter over mosquito death threat; How YouTube perfected the feed



Plus why Spotify must follow Apple’s example in order to survive.


According to new research by BuzzSumo, the average number of engagements with Facebook posts created by brands and publishers has fallen by more than 20% since January 2017. BuzzSumo analysed more than 880 million Facebook posts from publisher and brand Pages over the past year, noting a clear decline in engagements since early 2017.

Read a further summary of the main points here.


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Instagram users say their purchases are highly influenced by the social platform, with 72% of 2,000 surveyed Instagram users reporting they purchased a product they saw on the app, according to a survey by Dana Rebecca Designs. However, only 18% of respondents say they use the “Shop Now” feature, which directs a customer to the product page on a retailer’s site.

Read more about the study’s findings here.


In an opinion piece for hypebot, Bobby Owsinski from Music 3.0 is arguing that Spotify must follow Apple’s example in order to survive. He argues that before Spotify can be listed on the stock exchange, it needs to expand its revenue sources, stating “it lives and dies” on music streaming.

Read his opinion piece in full here.



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