Blog / 20 Jun 2018

#Newsfeed: Buying drugs online, Twitter Media launches, and Snapchat: from hero to zero


Plus Google brings messages to the web.

Can you learn a thing or two from Twitter?

Twitter has launched ‘Twitter Media’ this week, outlining best practice tips for creators, news organisations, sports teams, and those in the entertainment industry. Read more…

Snapchat: From hero to zero

This time two years ago, a video ad on Snapchat cost $750,000. Today, it costs just $2.95 on average per thousand impressions. Read more…

3D-180° videos coming to Facebook

The new video format brings an even more immersive experience to users. By using a full 180-degree wide-angle setup, Virtual Reality users will be able to gain 3D depth when watching with a VR headset. Read more…

Google brings messages to the web

After pausing development work on Android messenger platform ‘Allo’, Google has now instead focussed on a cross-platform app called ‘Messages’, which launched on web this week. Read more…

Longform: Drug sales slip through Social Media filters

Are social media companies doing enough to combat content that violates their community guidelines? In this Buzzfeed News investigation, the ease of buying illegal drugs online is examined, along with the efforts to fight it. Read more…


16 Great Landing Page Examples

In this week’s #Learn feature, Hubspot ranks 16 of the best landing pages they’ve seen in 2018. Read more…

What’s New

Understanding people through music: Millennial Edition

With multi-device using millennials streaming 2+ hours of music, it pays to understand this audience. Read more…

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