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#Newsfeed: Two top Twitter execs depart; Netflix Twitter account hacked; Tumblr tumbles; Australia’s most-played songs revealed; TuneCore partners with Pandora



Plus Instagram lets us know which filter was most popular in 2016.



Hindsight is a wonderful thing… except if you’re the EU. The European Commission has accused Facebook of providing “incorrect or misleading information” in it’s submissions to acquire WhatsApp back in 2014. The investigation could result in the social media giant being fined up to 1 per cent of its 2014 global revenue – the equivalent of US$200 million.

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Facebook is continuing to make the most of Android’s functionality, now offering users the ability to log into other Android apps by simply punching in their phone number. According to Mashable, the new addition eliminates the need for those pesky text messages with one-time passcodes.

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Twitter is saying farewell to two head executives. CTO Adam Messinger – who has been the company’s CTO for almost four years and with the company for five years – is leaving, along with Twitter VP of product Josh McFarland is also leaving to join Greylock Partners.

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In even more bad news for Twitter, hackers have claimed another high profile victim. The official U.S. Netflix account was targetted by OurMine, tweeting about account security. The group has hacked the social accounts of many high-profile persons and companies this year, including Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, BuzzFeed and, most recently, Forbes.

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Instagram has released several year-end lists of the most-followed stars, most popular filters, and most prolific Stories producers of 2016. Selena Gomez is not only the most-followed star on all of Instagram (105 million fans), but she also gained the most followers in 2016 — to the tune of 50 million and counting.The most popular filter on Instagram in 2016 was Clarendon, the most popular emoji was a red heart, the most popular locations to shoot content were Disney theme parks, and the most-Instagrammed day of the year was Halloween.

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Instagram is playing a huge part in online art sales, with one painting selling for US$24 million! “Most of my top clients are on Instagram,” ex-Christie’s dealmaker Brett Gorvy told Bloomberg in an interview. “That’s where the future is. It’s now, it’s happening.”

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AirCheck has released The Most Played Songs on Australian radio for 2016, and Justin Timberlake’s catchy tune ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ has taken out the top spot with 19,137 spins. Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s banger ‘This Is What You Came For’ took out second place with a total of 17,120 instances.

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Meanwhile, Drake has taken out the title of Australia’s most popular single of 2016 with his song “One Dance”. The track claimed top spot across many of Australia’s music play lists, including the Artist Top 50 and Spotify. “Closer” by The Chainsmokers was the number one track on YouTube.

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In big Snapchat news, not only has the parent company set up an office in China (despite the app being banned in the country), but the platform will host some exclusive content for “The Bachelor” in the new year. The Snapchat show will show celebrities, comedians, super fans and Bachelor and Bachelorette alums as they get together to watch the season.

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Uber and Snapchat have teamed up, as the ride-sharing app aims to deliver a more personalised experience. Not only will Uber users be able to set a person rather than an address as their destination, but they can also swipe between three different cards – “Your ETA,” “Your Ride” and “Mystery.”

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Any agency knows that graphic designers form a crucial part of the team. Now, a new Photoshop plug-in is helping to bridge the gap between design and code – Inspect by Invision is a new tool that gathers design data like font names, exact colour combinations, measurements, and more, simplifying the collaboration between the designer and the developer.

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JADEN JAM: Pokemon Go has calculated that users have walked a total of 14,001,292,800km (that’s fourteen billion, one million, two hundred and ninety-two thousand and eight hundred kilometres for those you playing at home)!

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