Blog / 14 Jun 2018

#Newsfeed: Delete your Snapchat(s), Facebook enters the gaming world, and spark fire into your Instagram Stories


Plus Reddit announces native video ads.

Delete your Snapchat(s)

Snapchat has this week rolled out a series of new features, including letting users unsend previously sent messages. Read more…

Facebook looks at trials A/B testing

Spotted in a piece of code, it appears Facebook is experimenting with A/B testing on page posts, allowing owners to see how posts perform across different audiences. Read more…

Reddit announces native video ads

The previously ‘too-cool-for-school’ social media platform Reddit has now joined its social friends in unleashing ads everywhere – this time with native video. Read more…

Facebook enters the gaming world

With gaming expo ‘E3’ on this week, Facebook has announced the launch of ‘’ – a platform built into Facebook for players to stream their games. Whether this will be able to compete with YouTube Gaming and Twitch remains to be seen. Read more…


Spark fire into your Instagram stories

In this week’s #Learn feature, we look at 10 ways you can make your Instagram Stories the best on the app. Read more…

What’s New

#SAILINGHUGO: The journey begins

Jaden Digital’s Head of Technology, Emir Ruzdic, is currently sailing around the world. Here’s how he’s been getting along. Read more…

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