Blog / 2 May 2019

#Newsfeed: Facebook Freshens up at F8 2019


Plus why you should be investing in podcasts, for yourself and your campaign strategy.

Facebook F8 2019: Everything You Need To Know

This week Facebook has been shaking things up at its annual F8 conference, sharing all the latest in updates to the mammoth social platform and its various subsidiaries. It’s a lot to take in, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the important details…

A slick new look.

It seems that iconic Facebook blue had become a little too synonymous with data leaks and election scandals, but not to worry, a quick redesign can fix all that as a slick new interface is revealed. Read more… 

A new way to profess your love.

Just in case you need another dating app to be disappointed by, Facebook has revealed a new feature heading your way which allows you to quietly let your crush know you’re interested. Read more… 

A new creative shopping experience

Instagram has also been thrown a bone with updates that push users to make their experience more about ‘personal connection’ and less about the like count, as well as a new feature that allows you to tap and shop straight from your influencer’s feed. Read more… 

Shopify Introduces A New Native Ad Builder

The e-commerce platform has expanded its advertising offering with the ability to create dynamic ads on Facebook as well as story ads on Snapchat, all from the safety of your Shopify account. Read more…

Time To Tune In To Podcasts 

As podcasts become freely available on streaming services and trend across socials, a new study suggests that they’re the future of audio ads and could account for over $2 billion AUD of advertising spend. Read more… 

A Generational Breakdown On Mobile App Use

When you’re targeting users do you think about what platforms they’re viewing your campaign from? Time to consider who’s perusing on a mobile app and what they’re looking for.  Read more… 

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