Blog / 16 May 2018

#Newsfeed: Facebook is working on its own cryptocurrency ??, and Snapchat launches unskippable ads


Plus the sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars.

Facebook is working on its own cryptocurrency 💰💰

An internal post by CEO Mark Zuckerburg has revealed Facebook is devoting a small team to investigate the possibility of a cryptocurrency being created by the social giant. Read more…

Snapchat launches unskippable ads

In a first for the struggling platform, Snapchat is now placing unskippable six-second ads within stories – currently only within ‘Shows’ from major brands. Read more…

The GDPR is coming into effect soon – here’s how it will affect you

In just under two weeks, one of the biggest changes to online privacy collection is coming into effect across the EU, with implications around the world. Read more…

From 5 stars to 10 points

Facebook is trialling a new rating system for brand pages, changing from a 5-star review metric to a holistic view of your brand with a new 10-points system. Read more…


The sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ fascination with the throwback has connected a 2018 song to a music cliche of the eighties, right back to orchestral arrangements from the 1900’s. Read more…

What’s New

The top song in Australia and still no Wikipedia page

Kahan claimed the #1 on the TMN Hot 100 with the Julia Michaels‘ collab version of his track ‘Hurt Somebody’ last week. He spoke to The Music Network about his unlikely stardom. Read more…

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