Blog / 30 May 2018

#Newsfeed: Facebook takes on U.S. Politics, Google Feed trials ads, and Instagram turns up the volume


Plus GDPR’s here – did you notice?

Facebook takes on U.S. Politics

Facebook has announced its new feature to increase political transparency within North America. Users will now be able to see how issue-based ads performed, including who paid for the ad, its impressions, audience statistics, and the ad spend amount. Read more…

Google Feed trials ads

Mobile app Google Feed, native to Android, has begun a trial of ad placements. With the ads not being incorporated into search, they look the same as other content besides a green ad icon. Read more…

GDPR’s here – did you notice?

The onslaught of GDPR emails have begun, and with it the cluttering of your inbox. Here’s how the rest of the internet has been coping. Read more…

Instagram turns up the volume on videos

In a great move for advertisers, Instagram will now adjust the volume throughout an entire session according to your current video settings, meaning the need to repeatedly turn on sound is now gone. Read more…


50% of consumers shop on mobile. Is your website good enough?

A new report has found only 20% of shoppers on mobile complete a transaction, with a 100-millisecond load time delay decreasing conversions by 7%. Read more…

What’s New

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