Blog / 8 Aug 2018

#Newsfeed: Facebook to remove ‘share’ button?, Snapchat down 3mil users last quarter, and our guide to Influencer Marketing


Plus social media & music go hand in hand.

Facebook trialling removal of share button

In a concerning move for Facebook page managers, the social giant has been trialling replacing the ‘share’ button on a post with a ‘message’ button. This would further decrease organic reach of posts, encouraging advertisers to spend more boosting their posts. Read more…

Snapchat loses 3 million users in one quarter

For the first time, Snapchat has reported a drop in daily users, following public backlash from a re-design of the app in February. However, revenue was higher-than-expected with a focus from the company on obtaining large advertisers. Read more…

REPORT: Social media & music go hand in hand

As reported in The Music Network, the importance of strong social campaigns for musicians is connecting with audiences significantly. Read more…

What’s happening to CHR? Unpacking the Music Cycle Theory

A lack of bonafide pop hits and increased polarisation of the CHR format is prompting listeners to retune their dials in search of more variety. But how do programmers fix CHR and bring the format back to glory? Read more…


How to use Influencer Marketing in 4 simple steps

We take a look at the world of Influencer Marketing and how it can have an impact on your next campaign. Read more…

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#DREAMTEAM: Stella Hobbs, Digital Account Manager

She’s the perfect lead for your next music campaign and happens to know how to make a bangin’ 90s playlist. Meet Digital Account Manager for Music & Entertainment – Stella Hobbs. Read more…

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