Blog / 1 Nov 2018

#Newsfeed: Facebook wants you to jam to your newsfeed and share your favourite tunes


Plus a Instagram is recruiting creators to bring us the next gen of filters.

Facebook Invites You To Bring Music To Your Newsfeed


In their latest update, Facebook wants you to connect through music, allowing you to splash your favourite tunes across your story and newsfeed. Read more…

You Could Be The Creative Behind Instagram’s Next Hot Filter

Facebook has rebranded its camera effects platform as Spark AR, is expanding it to Instagram, and is looking for creators and developers to join the team. Read more…

The End Of The Twitter Like Button Is Nigh

Twitter is concerned that ‘likes’ are a popularity contest more than anything else and are set to axe the beloved reaction. Read more…

Levi’s & Disney Step Into The World Of Social Commerce With Snapchat

The big brands partnered up to sell Disney merch through the social channel using a unique AR lens. Read more…

Zuckerberg Thinks Stories Are Facebook’s Future, And Really Needs You To Start Making Some

Facebook’s CEO is certain that newsfeed is a thing of the past and it’s soon going to be all about the story. Read more…


LinkedIn Teams Up with Google Campaign Manager & Vimeo

This latest integration gives you a new way to share your video content on the social network, and enables you to better compare and manage your ad performance. Read more…

A Whole World Of Snapchat Has Come To Desktop

Snap Camera will allow you to pick from a massive library of lenses which you can utilise when streaming, recording, or video conferencing. Read more…

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