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#Newsfeed: Bad news for Twitter investors as focus shifts to daily users; Facebook adds weather app; YouTube tackles unsubscribe glitch



Plus Bandcamp wants to make it easier for you to sell merch.



After long frustrating it’s user with weather greetings at the top of the newsfeed, Facebook has revealed that it was all part of a much bigger plan – to integrate a fully-fledged weather app into the platform. Tucked away in the “More” menu of the mobile app (or clearly visible on desktop), the Weather section provides a full forecast for your week ahead, powered by data from

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While reporting a quarterly loss of US$167 million, Twitter’s growth has all but flatlined. Aside from crossing it’s fingers and hoping President Trump will inject life back into the platform, Twitter says it will focus less on fixing its monthly active user problem and more on spotlighting its bump in daily active users.

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Want more engagement on your Instagram posts? All it takes it the use of some emojis, according to the latest report. Research by social media analytics firm Quintly revealed more than one-half of all Instagram posts included emojis, and that posts without emojis had an interaction rate of 1.77 per cent compared to the 2.07 per cent engagement rate on posts with emojis.

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Off the back of their $100,000 donation to ACLU and Planned Parenthood, Bandcamp has unveiled major improvements to accelerate growth of physical product sales on the platform. New changes will now allow sellers to add any number of countries as shipping destinations and set individual shipping rates for each, as well as utilise the new Merch Orders API to search for orders and update inventory information.

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YouTube was affected by a massive glitch earlier this morning, causing channels to lose huge chunks of subscribers in a matter of minutes. First spotted by YouTuber BlackScreenTV, the glitch saw YouTube falsely detracts two subscribers from the account for every unsubscribe – essentially allowing trolls to repeatedly subscribe and unsubscribe from channels, causing massive drops in the total subscription count.

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