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#Newsfeed: Facebook adds job ad capabilities to Business pages; Periscope live videos to appear in Twitter’s Top Trends; Snapchat users skip ads on the platform more than we thought



Plus how Lady Gaga landed at the top of the charts four months after her album release



Facebook has made a play for the digital recruitment space currently monopolised by LinkedIn. From today, Facebook Business Pages in the U.S. and Canada will be able to post job openings to the News Feed through the status update composer, and host them on a Jobs tab on their Page. The feature – spotted in testing by TechCrunch last year – will allow jobseekers to instantly send an application through Facebook Messenger.

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Twitter’s recently launched “Explore” section will now feature live videos sourced from Periscope within its “Top Trends”. The company made the announcement yesterday, and marks a further move into prioritising video on the platform.

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Instagram growth is a priority for most businesses today, but European aircraft-manufacturer Airbus has more than doubled their audience in just 12 months.“When you want to optimise reach, you need to be audience-centric. Know what they love, and give them what they love,” Airbus social media manager Anthony Rosendo told Digiday.

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For anyone that doubts what an appearance at the Super Bowl can do for an artist, just look at Lady Gag sitting at the top of the Billboard Artist 100 charts this week. Rocketing from number 61 to the top of the list Gaga’s overall artist activity gained by 1,219 percent, with digital song sales contributing her greatest share of Artist 100 points (46 percent), followed by album sales (40 percent).

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A new study has found that more than 60 percent of Snapchat users skip ads on the platform. Research by customer acquisition firm Fluent show that 69 per cent of the 3,327 American adults surveyed online skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often,” and that number goes up to 80 per cent among Snapchat’s target demographic, 18- to 24-year-olds.

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