Blog / 17 Feb 2017

#Newsfeed: Zuckerberg pens 6,000-word letter on Facebook’s goals; Spotify builds more entertaining ads around user data; Instagram Ad study finds peculiar gender split



Plus why the latest Billboard magazine cover is a game-changer.



The crackdown on fake (and irrelevant) news has commenced on Facebook, with the updated Trending Topics feature now appearing for some users. The standardised list of news stories based on an automated survey of what an array of media outlets are covering replaces the personalised list of news stories previously seen in the Trending module.

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Twitter is using one of the oldest tricks in the forum moderation book, and putting online bullies in a “time out.” Users whose accounts have been identified engaging in abusive behaviour will have the reach of their tweets temporarily restricted to only their followers, however with no formal statement from Twitter about the feature, it is unclear whether engagement (such as retweeting) on said posts will be restricted also.

See some examples of what this time out looks like here.


A new study has revealed that men respond to Instagram ads more than women. A survey from conducted by content marketing agency Fractl asked US internet users to rate Instagram ads for their effectiveness, and male respondents scored the ads higher than female respondents in all but two categories.

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Following the success of their first round of data-driven billboard ads, Spotify has released their latest campaign – this time targeting unusually named playlists. One example includes “Someone made a playlist called ‘Sorry I lost your cat’ when they could have been making flyers”.

See more examples here.


There’s something special about the latest issue of Billboard Magazine, and it’s not former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello on the cover. The photo was taken by portrait photographer Miller Mobley using the iPhone 7 Plus’ “Portrait mode”, with the smartphone replacing the expensive professional cameras, tripods and complex lighting systems usually used for such a shoot.

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