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#Newsfeed: Instagram now has 400 million daily active users; Facebook gets extra creepy with search function; Nova goes nuovo with rebrand



How Beyoncé’s baby is already breaking records.



Thanks to an expansion of its AI technology, Facebook will now let you search for images by typing in a more accurate description of the photo you’re searching for. Advancement in object recognition allows the search function to identify things such as scenes, animals, places, attractions and clothes, as well as the activity being carried out in the photo (such as running, surfing or dancing).

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Twitter has quietly launched it’s first effort to combat abuse on the platform, to a very underwhelming response. A new support feature allowing users to report tweets even if the author has blocked their account debuted yesterday, and marks what will hopefully be the first of many announcements to come.

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Instagram now has 400 million daily active users, according to new data revealed during Facebook’s fourth-quarter earnings statement yesterday. The platform added an extra 100 million new daily users to its already impressive tally in just over seven months, and shows no sign of slowing up.

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Radio broadcaster Nova has received its first branding update in six years – and called in some of music’s biggest names to help convey the message. Now toting the tagline “freshest hits first”, the new advertising campaign features Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Chris Martin, Niall Horan, Little Mix and Illy.

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We joked earlier this week that Snapchat was breathing life back into the QR code, but now it looks like Google Chrome is following suit. A new update to Chrome’s iPhone app introduces a built-in QR code scanner to the mobile browser – which can also be accessed from the 3D Touch menu of Chrome, or by simply writing QR in Spotlight. Does this mean brands will begin incorporating the codes back into their advertising? Only time will tell…

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