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#Newsfeed: Foxtel threatens to sue Facebook Live pirates; Tourism Tasmania removes ad featuring Instagram posts; How to celebrate Super Bowl 51 on social



Plus Minogue vs. Jenner – who came out on top (legally) as the #1 Kylie.



Piracy on the internet is certainly not new, but the move towards more video-based technology by platforms such as Facebook presents a much bigger issue for content producers – particularly of the pay-to-view variety. Foxtel is warning to take legal action against Australians broadcasting the Mundine vs. Green boxing bout over the weekend, with some Facebook live streams topping 150,000 viewers.

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With 16.9 million tweets, last year’s Super Bowl was the most tweeted event of the year in the United States – so expectations for this year’s game are exceptionally high. Twitter says to expect a number of custom emojis from big brands, including #PepsiHalftime, #RiseUp, #Patriots, and those assigned to Lady Gaga and her Halftime performance (#thefame, #TheFameMonster, #BornThisWay, #ARTPOP, and #Joanne).

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At what point does uploading a photo and assigning a hashtag to it on Instagram hand over that piece of content to the hashtag’s “owner”? That’s the question being asked as Discover Tasmania was forced to suspended its digital Instagram display at the Hobart Airport, after local social media photographers disputed the broadcasting of their material in a commercial arena.

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In a move that suggests Apple Music is looking to target smaller record labels this year, the streaming service has headhunted Spotify’s former VP of Content, Steve Savoca. “He’ll be doing the same thing for Apple that he did for Spotify – heading up label relations based out of New York, focusing on relationships with smaller, independent labels, especially internationally,” Business Insider reports.

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Mashable is reporting the trial of GIF thumbnails on YouTube video playlists, appearing in the “Up Next” column. “We’re always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them,” YouTube told Mashable in a statement.

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