Blog / 10 May 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram announces new business features + looks into the music scene, and Deadpool brings AR to 7-Eleven


Plus JetBlue is delivering pizza by plane 🍕✈️

Instagram announces new business features

In a major update, Facebook-owned Instagram has this week announced a host of new features, exclusive to business accounts using the platform. Read more…

Is Instagram launching into the music scene?

Code inside of Instagram has hinted at an upcoming new feature, allowing users to insert song stickers into their stories. Read more…

Forget UberEats – JetBlue is delivering pizza by plane

New York-based airline JetBlue has launched a new activation this week, celebrating their direct flights between JFK and LAX. Fans of an NY slice can order a pizza online, and get it delivered by plane straight to their home in Los Angeles. Read more…

Deadpool brings AR to 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has launched an AR-focussed campaign based on new Marvel movie ‘Deadpool 2’, allowing customers to unlock interactive in-store games. Read more…


Your ad’s been disapproved – here’s why

Facebook has provided more transparency surrounding its advertising policies, providing greater insight into why your ad may have been disapproved. See all of the policies here. Read more…



We sent our team from Jaden Digital out this week to see Jimmy Barnes in his ‘Stories & Songs’ tour, and The Killers at a secret gig in Sydney. Stay up to date with our Instagram to see all the action, as it happens, on our story.

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