Blog / 4 Jul 2018

#Newsfeed: Goodbye Google, LOVE ISLAND SPOILERS?, and Instagram music stickers have arrived.


Plus an IGTV Guide.

Goodbye Google… AdWords

Google has announced a rebrand and major consolidation of its advertising programs, with Google AdWords to change to become, simply, Google Ads. Read more…

No more spoilers thanks to Facebook

Facebook is rolling out the option to temporarily mute content that includes chosen keywords from your feed. So you can scroll through your feed without finding out last night’s Love Island results. Read more…

Instagram music stickers have arrived

Instagram has utilised the partnership Facebook formed with major record labels recently, and has launched music stickers for your stories. Read more…

Stop that… What?

It has been revealed that Facebook has hired a crack team of investigators to find flaws in Facebook that Facebook itself doesn’t even know about, to crack down before any trouble can happen. Yes – really. Read more…


IGTV Provides How-to Guide

An Instagram guide on uploading and creating IGTV content has been released, including the third-party apps it recommends to get ahead with the new tool! Read more…

What’s New

Do’s and Don’ts with Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags… We’ll be honest – they’ve long been a source of contention in our office, as they are in many other agencies. So we’ve come up with our style guide to perfect the feed, every time. Read more…

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