Blog / 19 Apr 2018

#Newsfeed: Google gets lost in space ?, LinkedIn adds GIF functionality – because that’s professional, and Apple plans News Subscription service



Google gets lost in space 🚀

Streaming giant Netflix has partnered with Google to create a smart-speaker adventure to promote its new Original – Lost in Space, through a five-minute interactive game. Read more…

LinkedIn adds greater GIF functionality – because that’s professional

LinkedIn has partnered with GIF platform Tenor, to allow in-message sending of GIFs. This follows the rolling out of Snapchat-style filters and stickers in 2017. Read more…

Apple plans News Subscription service

Whilst more people are consuming news than ever before, the same can’t be said for people paying for it. Apple looks set to tackle that issue, with an expected announcement on a paid subscription service option for its Apple News app. Read more…

Dared Iced Coffee tagrets autocorrect

Dared Iced Coffee has expanded its Head All Over The Place campaign, this time targeting users who have misspelt words on Google through targeted advertising. Read more…


6 Design Tips for Better Facebook Ads

Let the team at Facebook run you through six ways you could be improving your Facebook ads, in this week’s #Learn feature. Read more…


#DREAMTEAM – Getting to know Digital Advertising & SEO Manager, Brian Lawlor

Is his dog really named after a music awards ceremony? Has he read all of Game of Thrones? Find out, as we sit down with Brian in this week’s #DreamTeam. Read more…

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