Blog / 15 Mar 2018

#Newsfeed: Google Posts coming to musicians, Westworld live at SXSW, and million$ shifting away from Facebook to Instagram


Plus #DreamTeam with Agency Director Sam Korotkov.

Google Posts coming to musicians 🎶

Google is expanding its new Posts feature, this time for musicians, allowing artist content to natively be displayed as part of the knowledge panel.

This is a bid by Google to integrate elements of social into their search results, as the number of searches conducted through Facebook continues to increase. Read now.

Westworld live at SXSW

Warner Bros. and HBO have begun their promotional campaign for the season two premiere of Westworld, launching an interactive activation at SXSW of a recreation of the town of Sweetwater, and pre-register for a new mobile game. Read more…

Facebook’s best entertainment brands

Sprinklr has released their take on the top entertainment brands that are harnessing social media. Take a look at the insights for their top five choices here. Read more…

Millions shifting away from Facebook to Instagram

With Instagram drawing the highest levels of engagement on posts, brands are beginning to switch advertising dollars to the new platform. Whilst this all ultimately ends up in Facebook’s coffers, how is the way we buy digital ads currently changing? Read more…


142 inspirational Facebook ads

In this week’s #Learn, Aggregate outlines some of the best ads on Facebook, giving a total 142 examples, with explanations of how they are incredibly effective. Read more…


#DreamTeam – Getting to know Agency Director, Sam Korotkov

In our next #DreamTeam, we catch up with Agency Director, Sam Korotkov. We speak about just how wise Pooh Bear really was, what it’s like to be an Airbnb host and if there is, in fact, any money to be made in cryptocurrencies. Read more…

Want to work with Sam? We’re hiring! Check out all JOB SPOTLIGHT roles here.

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