Blog / 13 Dec 2018

#Newsfeed: How AI is integral to the future of digital marketing


Plus the digital evolution of your shopping experience.

The Future Is Now: Why AI Should Already Be A Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In order for you to create an exciting digital experience for your audience, you need insights on their behaviour right? AI is here to provide the data you need to seriously up your campaign game. Read more…

The Retail Revolution That’s Changing The Way Consumers Shop

As tech creeps into your shopping experience more than ever, the lines are blurred between the traditional brick and mortar store and e-commerce. Enter, ‘brick and mobile’. Read more…

The Social Media Marketing Trends You Will Be Following In 2019

From social listening to micro-influencers, here’s the wrap up on the trends you’re going to want to know about. Read more…

Instagram Experiments With A New Account Type Tailored To Influencers

Testing is currently underway for a ‘creator account’ designed specifically for the mass of influencers that dominate your feed. Read more…


Facebook Set TO Bring Infomercials To Your Newsfeed

As social commerce increasingly dominates your social experience, Facebook Live is testing a feature that will allow brands to stream video demonstrations of their product and sell straight to you, all from the comfort of your newsfeed. Read more…

Voice Memos Are Sliding Into Your DMs

Instagram is rolling out a new feature allowing you to send voice memos through direct messages. Read more…

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