Blog / 24 Jan 2019

#Newsfeed: How Facebook is going to stay relevant to a new generation


Plus the streaming app that’s here to help you freeze out artists.

Facebook Wants To Sit With The Cool Kids

As our long forgotten friend Facebook tries to get down with the kids, word on the street is they’ve got a teen focused meme app named “LOL” under development. Something like a cross between Instagram, Reddit and Facebook, will the meme based app be a hit with Gen Z? Read more…

How To Keep Your Bots In Line In 2019

Social media automation is your best friend when scheduling content, but can become your worst enemy if you break the rules. Take a read through the latest automation rules you should be aware of to keep things running smoothly. Read more…

You Can Now Give The Silent Treatment On Spotify

For those times when you’re fed up with hearing the same tracks crop up in every playlist, or maybe you’re trying to avoid certain artists for I don’t know, ethical reasons; Spotify is introducing a feature that allows you to block artists from your stream completely.  Read more…

Crossposting Is The Future, Get Your Content Flowing

As the social behemoth pushes for you to share content across both Facebook and Instagram, it’s no surprise that more crossposting features are being introduced to get you sharing everywhere and anywhere. Read more…

Your Favourite Music Streaming App Moves Into Hardware

That’s right, Spotify has taken the plunge and is developing an in car audio system to rival that of Apple’s The CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. You could be ordering your car to blast Discover Weekly in no time. Read more…

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