Blog / 1 Feb 2019

#Newsfeed: How sitting back is going to make you standout


Plus Facebook’s event push that will have you selling tickets stat.

Silence Is Golden, Even In Marketing

Ever feel like you’re being bombarded with data coming at you from every direction, every where you go, every hour of the day? Well you’re not the only one. The market is saturated and our audience is becoming desensitised, maybe it’s time to reap the benefits of silence. Read more…

Worlds Are Literally Colliding, But Let’s Look On The Bright Side

When the news dropped that Facebook is considering merging WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger into one communication behemoth of a platform, panic ensued. Here’s a positive take on how you can make this most of this shift. Read more…

A  New Facebook Feature To Amplify Your Event

Who knew, apparently Facebook has your best interests at heart and as much as it wants you to connect online, the social giant would love you to start spending time together in the real world too! A new roll out pushes Facebook events to the forefront of your feed, so get ready to hit “interested”.  Read more…

If You’re Not On Tik Tok You Probably Should Be

Still think that Tik Tok is a cringe video platform for tweens and karaoke fanatics? Well think again. The short form video app is growing faster than ever, and there’s a whole lot more to this content than meets the eye. Read more…

Snapchat Is Looking To Shake Things Up In The Name Of Survival

Once home of the short lived pic, Snapchat is considering a big shift towards keeping your content online for much longer than 10 seconds. Like maybe even forever. Read more…

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