Blog / 5 Dec 2018

#Newsfeed: Influencer marketing is the least effective way to boost SEO, study says


Plus why it’s time to rethink the meaning of engagement.

Influencer marketing is the least effective way to boost SEO, study says

While influencers are most powerful when they provide genuine recommendations or integrate a product placement seamlessly with other content, a new study suggests that they don’t help with SEO ranking. Read more…

YouTube to scale back originals, double down on ad-supported video

YouTube will soon stop distinguishing between programming that is ad-supported or ad-free and is working on deals to let viewers watch original shows without paying. Read more…

Pay attention: Why it’s time to rethink the meaning of engagement

With attention becoming a progressively scarce commodity, brands are starting to ask themselves how they can more effectively use display to make meaningful connections with their intended audiences online. More importantly, they are looking for non-intrusive, budget-friendly ways to do this.
Read more…

Google denies claim that it’s tracking internet users when incognito mode is on

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo claims the search giant is tracking users across the internet in order to deliver personalised search results, even when incognito mode is enabled. Read more…


8 social media tactics to help your business dominate in 2019

Are you considering your social media plan of action for 2019? Want to know the tactics that will help you stand out on social over the next 12 months? Read more…

Facebook’s testing a new option which would enable users to block selected words from their timelines

Facebook looks to be testing a new option that would give users more control over the content which appears, or can appear, on their personal profiles, with a new keyword blocking feature that would eliminate comments which include specific terms from your stream. Read more…

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