Blog / 26 Apr 2019

#Newsfeed: Instagram ‘Likes’ Changing The Popularity Game


Plus Vine ‘Bytes’ back as we question whether the time for a comeback has TikTok’d away.

“Like My Insta” Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Rumour has it that Instagram is considering removing ‘like counts’ from view in a bid to reduce pressure on the social platform. How important is this metric really and what does this mean for the influencers that dominate your feed? Read more…

Byte Sized Video Content Here To Compete With Tik Tok

Remember the good old days, when Vine was your go to for snackable six second videos that filled up your newsfeed? Well it’s been reborn as ‘Byte’, but we wonder if it’s too late for a comeback. Read more…

Event Marketers: Ever Thought About Setting Up A Reddit Campaign?

Reddit is set to introduce a series of event features, allowing you to create time-sensitive content and collect event related posts together so you can get the discussion going and make it easy for users to find. Read more… 

Snap Inc. Is Beating The Odds & Is On The Rise

It looks like Snapchat could in fact be here to stay, as latest figures give investors hope for the revival of the once prolific image sharing social platform. With both sales and users on their way up, we could be back snapping on the daily.  Read more… 

Introduce Yourself To Another Voice Assistant

Facebook is now dabbling in its very own virtual assistant, think something along the lines of Siri or Alexa, in an AI venture that could be utilised as a new audio marketing channel.  Read more… 

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