Blog / 24 May 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram: Stop using Instagram, the Obamas team up with Netflix, and how your data is being collected.


Plus Cardi B will help launch YouTube Music.

Instagram: Stop using Instagram.

Instagram is trialling new features to inform users of how long they use (or overuse) the platform, after parent company Facebook released a report about the negative side-effects of social use. Read more…

Obamas join forces with Netflix

Former U.S. President Barrack Obama has signed with streaming giant Netflix in a multi-year deal that covers producing, and starring in, original content. Read more…

Google vs. Facebook – how your data is collected

A New York Times reporter downloaded two files. One from Facebook, the other from Google. Here’s what he found. Read more…

Cardi B to help launch YouTube Music

With the launch of YouTube’s fourth attempt at competing in the music-streaming market, pop culture icon Cardi B has been enlisted to help advertise the service in an attempt to finally generate success. Read more…


Use experiential marketing with social media effectively

AdWeek unpacks three ways to keep your fans engaged through experiential marketing and social, in this week’s #Learn feature. Read more…

What’s New

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Art Director, Cristian Campano

Over a wooden board piled high with a range of cheeses, prosciutto, olives, and the all-important balsamic reduction glaze, we sat down with Jaden Digital’s newest Art Director to talk all things music. Read more…

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