Blog / 7 Jun 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram’s algorithm revealed, Apple asks users to turn off their phone, and Facebook removes Trending.


Plus the Facebook scandal is over… nearly.

Instagram reveals its algorithm

In a meeting with media this week, Instagram management revealed the three elements that determine how you see your feed. A number of myths were also cleared up, helping demystify how the app uses your information. Read more…

The Facebook scandal is over… nearly

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, it seems Facebook has held steady. The hysteria of #DeleteFacebook has now died down, but are advertisers quietly rethinking how they use the platform? Read more…

Apple asks users to turn off their phones

At WWDC this year, Apple unveiled a new feature for iOS 12 – screen limits. Users will now be able to see how long they spend on their phone, as well as what apps are demanding their attention. As reported in #Newsfeed last month, Instagram has made a similar move. Read more…

Facebook is removing Trending

Giving power back to the original #TRENDING platform Twitter, and in a move to combat the spread of false news, Facebook will be removing their Trending News feature. Read more…


What happens in a minute

We all know the internet moves pretty fast – but do you know just how much happens in one minute? Find out, in this week’s #Learn feature. Read more…

What’s New

#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Account Executive, Meg Wardrop

Joining Jaden Digital from the world of fashion, Meg knows Instagram like the back of her hand. Meet Meg, in the latest #DreamTeam. Read more…

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