Blog / 12 Jan 2017

#Newsfeed: Instagram announces insights and ads for Stories; Exciting updates to live video for Facebook Pages; YouTube and Google Play back up-and-coming musicians in 2017



Plus the YouTube video that has Daft Punk fans very excited.



Content producers rejoice – you can now go live on Facebook straight from the web! Not only does this mean higher quality live videos, but it will also:

  • allow Pages to set up Live ‘Contributors’ and easily assign team members to go Live without giving them the full control of an Admin
  • allow Pages to pin live comments to the bottom of a broadcast
  • give Pages a permalink for their videos at ‘’pagename’/videos’, with the ability to pin ongoing live videos to the top

Read more about the updates on the Facebook blog here.


Twitter left some users very confused this morning, with reports that tweets were being displayed in timelines of people who were not following those accounts. According to Twitter, a bug caused the “Liked by ___ and # others” label to not display along with the tweets and has now been fixed.

Read more of the confusing reactions from Twitter users here.


Hold on to your hats Instagram users – some BIG updates have been announced. According to the latest Instagram for Business blog, those who have converted to a business profile will soon be able to see valuable insights such as the reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story.

Plus, business profiles will soon be able to run immersive, full screen ads in stories, using “targeting, reach and measurement capabilities that make your ads personally relevant to the people you want to reach”.

Read more about this huge developments here.


Up-and-coming acts on YouTube will soon have a better chance of being discovered, thanks to the latest update announced by the platform. In their latest blog post, YouTube outlines plans to “highlight those video makers who are ‘On the Rise'” on its Trending Tab in the U.S., and will rotate the selection of promoted videos on a weekly basis.

Each week, YouTube will select two creators and two musical artists to be featured in the Trending section, based on a number of factors – a minimum of over 1,000 channel subscribers, plus metrics such as viewcount, watchtime and subscriber growth.

Read more about this development here.


Google Play Music Australia has revealed its ‘Artists to Watch’ in 2017 playlist, compiling a list of the ten head-turning artists that Google’s “real life humans and futuristic robots predict will make a big splash this year”. Melbourne’s Tash Sultana tops the list, with Jess Kent and Golden Features also making the cut.

Read the full story here.


JADEN JAM: One Instagram account has taken it upon themselves to give New York City toilets a rating using the poop emoji 

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