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#Newsfeed: Music streaming finally has more paying subscribers than Netflix; Spotify releases white paper to help marketers; Special report into ticket scalping in Australia published



Plus how one U.S. clothing brand is using Instagram Stories for it’s next collection



When news surfaced of a 12-year-old broadcasting her death on social media, most of us were in disbelief. However, a report today by the Washington Post highlights the discrepancies in Facebook’s content policies. While the video itself was not originally hosted on Facebook, it took nearly two weeks for the social media site to remove the viral footage – despite the fact that Live.Me (where the content originally appeared) and YouTube promptly removed the video from their sites.

Read the full story here.


Despite being at the centre of a case of mistaken identity, president-elect Donald Trump will reportedly keep his own Twitter account instead of taking on the @POTUS handle. Barack Obama made history when he sent out the first tweet by a president in office on May 18, 2015, and since then the official Twitter handle for the president has became an essential tool in conveying information about policy and world events.

Read more about Trump’s plan for his online presence (and the digital legacy Obama leaves behind) here.


In a bid to gain direct feedback on it’s latest product offering, U.S. clothing label J.Crew used Instagram Stories to ask consumers which colour they want to see the US$365 Chateau Parka available in next season. The brand has previously used Instagram Stories for presales, but this time chose to allow votes for the colours “Heather Grass”, “Light Mustard” or “Heather Cosmos” to be sent via a direct message to the brand’s account.

Read more about the fresh activation here.


Information is power (especially for marketers), and media buying group GroupM and Spotify have delivered the goods with the latest white paper dubbed “Streaming State of Mind”. Now that music streaming now has more paying subscribers than Netflix, the results of a survey of over 20,000 consumers in seven markets (including the United States, Germany, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and Sweden) aims to help marketers “leverage the massive and heavily mobile-first streaming media opportunity”.

Read more about the findings – including how music playlists have generated $220m worth of revenue – here.


A special report by has highlighted who is to blame for ticket scalping in Australia, and what can be done about it. In a series of interviews with promoters, ticket retailers and ticket resellers, the online music publication concludes that the challenge lies changing legislation without disrupting the purchasing opportunities of fans.

Read the full article here.


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