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#Newsfeed: Twitter wants you to update your profile picture and tweet about it; Tone Deaf, The Brag and J Play sold to Seventh Street Media; YouTube to premiere documentary about beauty vlogger at Sundance



Plus what happens when a music star doesn’t show up to a video shoot and the director takes matters into their own hands.



Facebook is continuing to keep content creators on their toes, with reports from Recode indicating that the social media giant is shifting towards longer, premium video content. Last year, Facebook spent more than US$50 million paying publishers to create live video on the platform, and now it appears those short-term deals will not be renewed, in favour of another video format.

Read the full story here.


How old is your Twitter profile picture? If you can’t remember what it looks like, let alone how long it’s been up there for, it’s probably a good indication that Twitter’s latest campaign is onto a good thing. Twitter is prompting users who have just updated their profile picture to post a tweet accompanied by the hashtag #NewProfilePic, in order to increase the amount of visual content in users’ timelines.

Read more about the desperate plan here.


Instagram’s censorship policies have been under scrutiny for some time now, but one account has taken it upon themselves to turn the table on Instagram’s confusing rules. Genderless_Nipples posts close-up photos of nipples that make it hard to tell whether the photo is of a man or a woman in a bid to highlight the trick the platform’s nudity policies and continue fighting to #FreeTheNipple.

Read more the account and see examples of posts here.


Seventh Street Media has announced the acquisition of Tone Deaf, The Brag and J Play after reaching separate agreements with all three privately owned music publications. The newcomer (who was only incorporated on September 2, 2016) has also appointed Poppy Reid (former editor of The Music Network and Rolling Stone writer) and Nathan Jolly (veteran music journalist who has written for Junkee, New York Post, The Music Network and Channel [V]) to the team, and is expected to make further acquisition announcements soon.

Read more about what Seventh Street Media CEO Luke Girgis here.


The lines between new media and tradition media continue to be blurred, with YouTube announcing that it will hold a world premiere for one of its projects at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival for the first time. This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, a documentary about transgender beauty vlogger and YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous will be screened between January 24 and January 28. The film festival will also host a presentation called “YouTube and Using Your Platform for Change,” with Gigi Gorgeous, Tyler Oakley and VICE Impact leader Katherine Keating.

Read more about the presence YouTube will have at Sundance here.


JADEN JAM: Don’t be alarmed if you see “Betty White” trending today – it’s her 95th birthday after all! 

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