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#Newsfeed: Facebook for Desktop Removes Messages; YouTube adds new in-app messaging feature; New figures show pre-stream payouts from Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and more



Plus the Aussie rap duo who got banned from Twitter for impersonating an iconic figure



Facebook users with a keen eye will have noticed a small change to their desktop experience this morning, with Facebook appearing to have replaced the messaging interface for desktop with its Messenger interface. Many users began seeing Messenger icons in places of messaging in the right-hand-side menu and the menu bar atop the site.

To see what we’re talking about, click here.


In news you may have missed – we know we certainly did – Australian hip hop duo Jackie Onassis are no longer active on Twitter. The duo’s verified account was suspended after they used their verified account to satirically pose as the real historical figure from whom they took their name. “Our verification left us in an interesting and potentially unprecedented position,” producer Raph Dixon wrote in a lengthy recount of the events that led to the account suspension.

Read a summary of the events here.


Instagram users in the UK were up in arms yesterday when they were unable to post photos after the latest app update. According to Down Detector, fifty per cent of the problems reported to the site have been to do with the news feed, while 25 per cent of the issues appear to be with log-in, and 25 per cent with the website.

Read more about the frustrating reaction of users here.


New figures release by community blog The Trichordist has revealed just how much money artists are making off popular streaming services. According to the analysis – the first of it’s kind since 2014 – Spotify generated $0.00437 per stream for the label in 2016, down from $0.00521 in 2014. The number of streams needed on the various services to equal a traditional sale was also calculated – 139 streams on Spotify, 83 on Apple Music, 90 on Google Play, 95 on Deezer and, ahem, 876 on YouTube.

Read the full breakdown of figures here.


In-app messaging has arrived to YouTube – for users in Canada at least! The platform has been in testing since mid-2016, and allows users to send to connections directly within the app, and make drop messages for talking about videos.

Read more about the update here.


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