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#Newsfeed: Facebook announces changes to Newsfeed weighting for video; Twitter replaces Moments tab; MailChimp launches Facebook ad campaign support



Plus how McDonalds is using live video streaming to give away it’s Big Mac sauce.



Your Facebook newsfeed is about to undergo yet another change, with the social media platform announcing some updates to both trending topics and video content.

Trending topics will now feature a publisher headline below each topic name (rather than requiring the user to hover over the topic to discover the lead source), and Facebook will be implementing an improved system to determine what is trending and serving the same topics to everyone in the same region.

But more importantly for content creators are the changes to video on Facebook. Firstly, videos with a higher viewing percentage completion will be given more weight in Newsfeed. Secondly, other contributing factors to the ranking of video will be whether people choose to turn on sound, if people open the video in full screen and – most importantly – the length of the video itself. “Longer videos that people spend time watching may see a slight increase in distribution on Facebook,” the official blog post states.


In a bid to make it even easier for Twitter users to discover content, it is replacing the Moments tab with a new one called Explore. Featuring Moments, search, trending hashtags, and featured live videos all in the same place, Explore indicates Twitter’s burying the once-heralded Moments feature deeper into it’s platform.

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Once journalist’s search for a new barber has highlighted the importance of Instagram in the discovery step of the customer journey.

In his latest piece for Tech.Co, TJ Loftus suggests that “Instagram is like Google visual search” when it comes to looking up content associated with a local city area, and the additions of online appointment scheduling compliment the social media habits of customers today.

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While Flume took out the number spot in triple j’s Hottest 100, it was the number of total votes received this year that was the biggest surprise. This year’s countdown drew in a total of 2,255,110 votes – the largest amount ever received – with May being the most popular release date for songs in the list.

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Everyone’s favourite email service is now making it even easier to reach people on Facebook. MailChimp has announced the expansion into Facebooks ads – the first time in its long history that the platform is reaching beyond email marketing. The new tool will lets its users create Facebook ad campaigns right from the existing MailChimp dashboard.

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