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#Newsfeed: Instagram encroaches on Snapchat’s turf of social media influencers; JAY-Z forgoes up to $1 Million weekly as he keeps ‘4:44’ off Spotify; Snap tests the retail waters by selling Spectacles in Harrods



Plus are dating apps the new social networks?


Facebook has released some updated stats on video consumption on the platform, with big increases recorded for both Facebook and Instagram. In news that should surprise no one – given how much Facebook has been favouring video content recently – daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts has quadrupled in the last year, while time spent watching video on Instagram has increased by 80% in the same period. On top of this, Instagram reports that the number of videos posted per day on the platform has continued to increase by 4X year-on-year, and that trend looks set to continue as Instagram Stories continues to gain traction.

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The battle between Instagram and Snapchat has moved to a new battlefield – social media influencers. According to CNBC, more and more accounts with significant followings are migrating to Instagram due to constant updates to the platform. “Snapchat should’ve went back to the drawing board and figured out a new way to compete, instead of being romantic to how [it] has been running for the last couple of years,” Snapchatter of the Year Harris Markowitz told CNBC.

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JAY-Z is likely foregoing weekly payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars – potentially close to $1 million a week – from Spotify, as a result of his decision to release 4:44 nearly everywhere online except Spotify, industry insiders tell Billboard. That math assumes 4:44 would have attracted as many streams in a week’s time on Spotify as the service’s top-ranked track, the “Despacito” remix by Luis Fonsi, did in a single week.

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