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#Newsfeed: Twitter packs more into Notifications tab (but it’s not all useful); All of the numbers from Facebook’s earnings call; Spotify launches self-serve ad platform



Plus why you’re a lot more qualified for your dream job than you think.


Facebook has beaten its Q2 earnings, generating US$9.32 billion in revenue despite slower user growth. According to the latest earnings call, revenue growth is slowing down in line with Facebook’s warning to investors that it was running out of space to show ads in the News Feed. It was also announced that Facebook now has 1.32 billion daily active users, up from 1.28 billion in Q1 and up 17 percent year-over-year.

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Digiday is continuing to uncover the efforts of Instagram users to beat the algorithm, with the latest phenomenon coming in the form of “comment pods”. While Instagrammers working together to boost engagement is nothing new, this kind of activity is beginning to skew results and payments for influencers. SwellShark CEO Nick Pappas told Digiday that with brands utilising pods for increased exposure, it ends up being five to 10 influencers who are friends with the person — not five or 10 influencers with the right kind of audience. “OK, so my post is getting engagement, but it’s not with the right audience,” he said.

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Spotify has launched a self-serve ad platform (similar to Facebook’s), offering targeted placements for music marketers and artists. Through Spotify Ad Studio, ad placements can be narrowed by geography (country, US state or US Nielsen designated TV market), age, gender, platform (desktop, mobile Android, mobile iOS) and music genre, as well as Fan Targeting to reach fans of specific artists. There are also more ad types on offer, with audio, takeovers of the Spotify homepage, static display and sponsored sessions available.

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