Blog / 31 Jul 2017

#Newsfeed: Facebook Stories unlocks public sharing; Twitter testing a new $99 flat-fee subscription to promote accounts; Did Meek Mill and TIDAL scam their way on to the Billboard 200?



Plus how the podcast boom is finally forcing radio to become more diverse.


Facebook could jumpstart its Snapchat clone by letting social media stars and public figures post Stories publicly. When Facebook Stories launched globally in March, you could only share to all their friends or a subset of them. Now if you allow public followers, you can post your Story publicly so anyone can watch.

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Inc. has compiled a shortlist of ways to avoid getting ‘shadow banned’ on Instagram, including the best use of hashtags. The greatest fear amongst Instagram users to date, there is little known about the actual guidelines regarding a shadow ban, however the publication suggests that avoiding automated services and switching up hashtags are the best ways to approach achieving organic engagement on the platform.

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Tyler The Creator has called out Meek Mill and TIDAL for scamming the Billboard 200. He has accused TIDAL of offering free streams to push Meek Mill’s latest album, Wins & Losses, to number 1. Once in the free tier, Tyler says the pair used bots and artificial streams to boost their numbers. Billboard doesn’t have a system in place to verify who’s listening to streams. As Tyler The Creator states, TIDAL could very well have placed bots to stream the album for free.

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