Blog / 9 Jun 2017

#Newsfeed: Wonder Woman becomes most-tweeted movie of 2017; Instagram testing direct response ads in Stories; Spotify launches Secret Genius program to celebrate unsung song heroes



Plus the five-minute trick that helps Instagram’s CEO crush procrastination.


It looks like Aussies are beginning to desert Facebook, preferring to use personal messaging services instead. In a recent study by The Works, UTS Advance Analytics Institute and research company Pure Profile, it was discovered that 10 per cent (1.2 million) of those using messaging apps have already deleted Facebook, with a further 23 per cent (2.7 million) saying they are contemplating removing it. “The rise of the ‘deleter’ highlights that we are entering a new phase of not just social media but also how we communicate as humans,” Douglas Nicol, partner at The Works, explained. “We are starting to reject the broadcast style of newsfeed interaction and returning to real conversations with our real friends. We reckon this is a pretty healthy trend for society.”

Read more about this study here and here.


After breaking a historic box office record, Wonder Woman has broken another record, becoming the most tweeted-about movie of 2017 in the United States. According to exclusive information obtained by Variety from Twitter, Wonder Woman has garnered more than 2.19 million tweets so far this year – surpassing Beauty & the Beast.

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Instagram Stories are about to get a whole lot more interesting for advertisers. Spotted by AdAge, Instagram is testing direct response ads inside its Stories section, allowing sign-up and app-install pitches, among other sales-focused formats. While users can already swipe up on Stories to receive more information, this is the first time accounts have been able to attach a marketing goal to their content.

See this exciting new feature in action here.


Spotify has launched Secret Genius, a global initiative designed to highlight the contribution songwriters and producers make to the music industry and artists’ careers. The yearly initiative will have multiple elements, including Ambassador Program and Songshops and The Secret Genius Awards, as well as a designated playlist and podcasts. “Songwriters and producers are the backbone of the industry and we want to help celebrate these incredibly talented people,” Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services Troy Carter said in a statement. “The goal of Secret Genius is to give credit where credit is due by shining a light on these amazing creators.”

Read more about this new initiative here.


If you think the world has gone made with copyright infringements, well then you’re probably right. After live-streaming her One Love Manchester benefit concert on YouTube, it appears as though Ariana Grande’s very own video has been pulled from the platform. Automatic ContentID matches from Warner Music and Sony Music are likely to be the culprit, however it seems out of touch with the nature of the event.

Read how one keen Twitter user picked up on this here.



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