Blog / 7 Feb 2019

#Newsfeed: Lessons from the arena spectacular of TV advertising


Plus Spotify’s latest move towards world domination.

Super Ads Over Super Bowl

If you’re anything like us, you would agree that the only real reason worth tuning into the Super Bowl is for the ads. With placements costing millions, brands really have to go big or go home. Here’s what we can learn from this years round up of blockbuster commercials. Read more…

The “Will We Ever Be Able To Edit Our Tweets?” Debate Is On Again

Is there anything worse than releasing a witty quip into the Twitterverse, only to realise that you’ve made a super obvious typo and you’ve got no way of fixing the problem? Probably not. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has chimed in on the ‘twitter edit’ debate, and we’re taking his response as a firm maybe. Read more…

Spotify Quietly Plots To Take Over The Streaming World

Word on the street is Spotify is in talks to acquire podcasting giant Gimlet Media, a move that really would give the platform a monopoly over streaming services.  Read more…

The Aussie Artists Shaping Our Music Industry

It’s the biggest and quite possibly the most prestigious peer-voted music award in Australia, and the artists that make the cut are the voice of Aussie music. This years nominees for the APRA Song of the Year have been announced. Read more…

The Facebook Marketing Tools Hiding In Plain Sight

We’re all across Facebook advertising as one of the most valuable go-to marketing tools of the moment. But did you know about these super handy tools that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye? Read more…

Shutterstock Proves It’s Not About The Budget

No doubt you’ve seen at least one of the Fyre documentaries currently dominating our newsfeeds, and more than likely you were shook at the excessive marketing budget that ultimately led to their demise. Shutterstock drives it home with a million dollar ad on a shoe string budget. Read more…

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