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#Newsfeed: All businesses can now run ads in Instagram Stories; Spotify hits 50 million subscribers; Snap shares soar in debut after largest IPO since 2014



Plus why Facebook has a fake ads problem, not just a fake news problem.


Business publication Forbes is arguing that not only does Facebook have a fake news problem, but it also has a fake ad problem. In his latest article, technology writer Matt Drange highlights that because Facebook’s review process is largely automated, with human review only in instances where a red flag is been raised by the site’s filtering system or by user reports, it is very easy to create false ads.

Read the full story and interview with a Facebook spokesperson here.


Twitter’s latest live streaming deal will see the network gaining access to 1,500 hours of esports competitions. What are esports you ask? Watching professional gamers compete against each other in video games, that’s what. And it’s a growing market, estimated to reach over a billion dollars within the next 2 years (if not sooner).

Read more about this bizarre deal here.


Instagram has announced that all businesses can now begin running ads in Stories optimised for reach. In their official blog post, Instagram highlighted the success Airbnb had with their 15-second ads recently, stating “the company saw a double digit point increase in ad recall”.

Read the official blog here.


Spotify has reportedly added 10 million new members in five months to now reach the 50 million subscribers milestone. This follows the news that Apple Music hit 20 million in December, adding 3 million subscribers in three months at that time.

Read more about these subscriber stats here.


Snap Inc. shares closed up 44% Thursday after the Snapchat parent company made its highly anticipated debut on the New York Stock Exchange. The debut drew plenty of similarities to Twitter’s launch on the stock market in 2013, and was the largest IPO since 2014.

Read more about this story here.



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