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#Newsfeed: Twitter’s New Order; MTV 2017 “Woodies” voting is exclusively on Snapchat; Shazam is now about more than just music



Plus the big changes coming to Pandora.


Journalist Mark Duffy is arguing that the evidence is clear – Facebook advertising doesn’t work. In his latest piece for Digiday, Duffy states that “not only has Facebook and other digital technology killed ad creativity, it’s also killed ad effectiveness”.

Read his article in full here.


An in-depth look at Twitter’s algorithm by Slate has some interesting discoveries for users. “The algorithm is quietly starting to reshape both Twitter’s business and the way people experience it,” writes senior technology writer Will Oremus. Speaking to Twitter regarding features such as “While You Were Away” and the weighting of other content, Oremus also argues that “when you draw on users’ past habits to shape their future experiences, you risk enclosing them in bubbles of their own making”.

Read this in-depth and fascinating article here.


While other social media platforms attract opinions and fake news, Instagram is the “one place on the internet that is nice”, according to Lifehacker writer Andy Orin. He reminds users of the ability to completely curate the content you see on the platform, and how this can provide a little respite from the rest of the world.

Read the full opinion piece here.


MTV has announced nominations for this year’s “MTV Woodies” awards. The twist is that fans can only vote for each award by taking a screenshot of their favourite artist on Snapchat.

Read the full list of nominees here.


Shazam has announced the launch of a new augmented reality platform for its partners, artists, and “hundreds of millions of global users.” Extending it’s music recognition capabilities to the rest of the world via augmented reality, Shazam is not just about identifying objects via the new AR platform – rather, Shazam hopes to bring marketing materials to life, creating immersive ad experiences on your phone.

Read more about this story here.



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