Blog / 5 Apr 2018

#Newsfeed: The Music Network removes paywall and relaunches website, Instagram closes door to developers, and #Dreamteam


Plus Snapchat’s delicious AR Easter egg hunt.

The Music Network removes paywall and relaunches website

The Music Network recently announced the removal of its paywall, now offering everyone access to its premium music charts, unrestricted content and MusicDaily newsletter. Take a peek at the music industry trade publication’s clean and freshly relaunched website by Jaden Digital here. Read more…

Instagram closes the door to developers

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, without warning, Instagram shrunk its API limit, subsequently breaking numerous unofficial analytics apps. Read more…

Snapchat hosts AR Easter egg hunt

With similar mechanics to Pokemon Go, Snapchat encouraged users to find and collect as many eggs as possible over Easter on the app’s geolocation feature, Snap Mars. Read more…

Twitter releases April’s major event calendar

To assist with strategic planning, Twitter released its latest major events calendar, focusing on dates of interest alongside forecasted tweet volume stats for April. Read more…


84 examples of quality Instagram ads

Time to shake up your mundane Instagram ads? Look no further. Learn from the experts and take a look at these 84 examples of Instagram ads done right. Read more…


#DREAMTEAM: Getting to know Charts Editor, Peter Tuskan

If you were Charts Editor at The Music Network, what music-orientated name would you pick for a burger? Find out the perfect answer in our interview with Peter Tuskan here.

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